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Yogis and Equestrians Unite :: Why Yoga Might be a Tool for Equestrians

The medical community is still exploring the impact that yoga may have on an individual’s health and well being. So far, the medical community has reached consensus that yoga, at the very minimum: lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, lowers cortisol levels, helps encourage healthy sleeping patterns, encourages healthy neurological function, and minimizes muscle/joint pain.

But yoga might be incredibly beneficial for competitive equestrians…

Yoga has proven to increase the levels of GABA our brains release. What is GABA? It is a neurotransmitter that is directly related to nervousness. GABA eases our sense of nervousness and anxiety.

Now- the show ring can certainly give you the jitters. Horse show life can be a little stressful. And I know, that we all feel a little bit anxious about owning very expensive animals that all seem to share a common interest in hurting themselves in the most bizarre ways.

Maybe yoga is an underutilized tool in the equestrian’s metaphorical toolbox.

Yoga also teaches the power of controlled breathing. If you’ve ever been to a yoga studio for the first time, it can sound like a giant room of panting dogs. This deep and powerful breath is the key to controlling one’s energy and one’s mind.

Where your mind goes as a rider, inevitably so too will your horse’s. One must focus on positive things, visualizing the correct ride and not focusing on previous mistakes. This practice can be learned in the yoga studio and carried to the show ring.

Yoga might be a powerful tool for your riding. Consider it. Unlike horses, it doesn’t cost much to get started. There might be a lot of power in this practice for you and your horse.




Never give up. For fifty years they said the horse was through. Now look at him – a status symbol!
Riding makes us better people. It challenges us to perform, to be patient, to be persistent. It’s a journey, & that’s why we love it so much.

#1 :: Moosejaw’s Cadet Hat

I swear… it can be 20 degrees outside and blustery, but Istillsweat in my helmet. This is a cute, feminine way to hide that sweaty helmet hair. Now you can run errands after the barn without needing to go home and shower first! These are so, so cute. And we especially love these fall colors! 

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# 3 :: Ariat Fall Collection of Handbags

So, Ariat usually focuses on functionality. However, there fall-line happens to be extremely fashionable as well. These hobo-chic bags are an awesome fall find. They are the perfect look for horsey girls, not too girly but not too rugged. We are so in love with these! This particular image is the bucket-style, but there are several other styles as well. Check ‘em all out.

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#5 :: Horseware Hexam Vest

We absolutely adore this piece. The waxed material ensures that the vest is water repellant (you know, for when you go to dump a full water bucket, and it sloshes on you…). This piece is great to ride in, not too bulky but still warm. Make sure you buy one size up to ensure that you can layer and continue to wear the vest throughout the winter! Horseware products are good looking and durable… a good combination!

Where to buy?: Dover, Smartpak, Etc.

How much moolah? 100$ (well worth it)